We would like to inform you that our company has a special contract with Budapest Airport Minibus which offers special prices for our delegates, that means 10% discount from the official prices. WTC2009 Participants arriving at either terminals (Ferihegy 1, 2A or 2B) of Budapest International Airport are advised to use the Airport Minibus shuttle service which takes one to any address in Budapest for a fee of 2700 HUF/person (cca 9 EUR). Return ticket costs 4500 HUF (cca 15 EUR). It takes appr. 30-45 min. from the airport to the city. Please, be so kind as to indicate your arrival time during the online registration.WTC2009 logo will be placed at the minibus hospitality desk of each terminal.

As an alternative, one can use public bus service (line 200E) which connects both terminals with the underground (metro) line 3 (blue line). The blue line of the metro has a stop at "Ferenciek tere" from there you can take bus No. 8, which takes you to Hotel Novotel Congress/BCWTC. (Duration of the travel: approx.: 80 min). Price approx.: 800 HUF/person (cc. 3 EUR).
Taxis to or from the city cost approximately 5100–5300 HUF (18-20 EUR) for a one way trip. Offered taxi company: Zona taxi (they have their own desk at the terminals) For more information on the tariffs, please click here. Car rentals are available at the airport.
Please be informed that the low cost airlines arrive at terminal 1.


Passport, Visa, Invitation letter

Usually all foreign visitors must have a valid passport. The visa policy of Hungary is liberal. For visits shorter than a month, no visa is required for citizens of most European countries, the United States, Japan and Israel. Most European citizens can visit Hungary with their domestic identity card. Agreements of the Republic of Hungary on abolition of visa requirements are available on the internet. Visa is required for visitors from most Asian countries, and most states of NIS. Those who experience any trouble in getting visa to Hungary should not hesitate to contact the conference secretariat immediately. Please note that Hungary is a member state of the EU and Schengen agreement, but make sure to check any changes in your visa regulation at the consulate. The list of Hungarian missions can be found on the Internet on the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you need an invitation letter to obtain visa, please contact the conference secretariat. This, however, cannot be considered as a commitment on behalf of the organisers to provide any financial support.


Foreign Exchange, Banking Facilities

The Hungarian currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Currency exchange booths are available at the airport terminals, railway stations, travel agencies, banks and various places in the city. Traveller’s cheques and convertible currency may be exchanged at these facilities. Major credit cards are usually accepted in most hotels, restaurants and certain shops in the city. Obtaining cash against ATM or credit cards is very easy from the ATM cash machines that can be found at almost each bank office, hotel or on the street. Click here to see the actual exchange rates.


Climate and Weather

The weather in Hungary in May is usually sunny and warm. Temperatures are usually in the range between 20 and 25C during the day. You can check the weather forecast at e.g. or



The electricity is 230 V, 50 Hz. Japanese, UK, USA and other visitors: please note that Hungary has European/continental-type electric plugs. Ask for converters at the airports, hotels.


Liability and Insurance

The organizers cannot accept liability for any personal accidents, loss of belongings or damage to private property of participants and accompanying persons that may occur during the Congress. Participants are advised to make their own arrangements to obtain health, travel and property insurance before their departure.